How to Outreach Influencers in 2019

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30 April, 2019

How to Outreach Influencers in 2019

Influencer outreach is regarded as a powerful alternative to usual mode of advertising. It is viewed as a very effective strategy for developing credibility and promoting awareness for a particular brand. According to a recent study, influencer marketing delivers over 7x ROI, which is much more than the returns that marketers get from the traditional advertising. It is no wonder that notable brands move towards the direction of influencers and marketers are willing to pay fortunes for a mention.

How influencer marketing to works

Basically, an influencer is someone who can influence others. In a general term, influencer outreach is usually tailed to celebrities and the easiest way to outreach a celebrity influencer to promote your brand is by offering them financial reward, but celebrity influencers has not really been the most efficient strategy because the public believed that Celebrities are sometimes paid to promote a brand, therefore they are not always sincere in their commendations. This is why we tend to research a more effective and strategic method of influencer marketing.
A more effective method of implementing influencer marketing includes the development of an authentic professional relationship with an influencer (not necessarily a social celebrity) who shares similar business goals with your brand and has already established a loyal audience that trusts their knowledge and point of view. Influencer outreach needs to be initiated judiciously and thoughtfully from choosing the right people and approach them in the right way. Here are tips for developing a strategy to outreach influencers.

Conduct a thorough Research

This has to do with finding and identifying the right people that are relevant to your brand and the niche you’re trying to target. Involvement in your niche is crucial, it almost guarantees that their followers and audience will also be interested in whatever content you have to share with them. For example, if you develop your relationship with an influencer who deals with plumbing materials, where your brand is actually selling drilling machines, it doesn’t have much correlation.

Create a connection with them

Once you have an idea of who the right people for your brand are, start following them and create a positive awareness. Once you think that you’re ready to start working on your relationship in a more active way, try to think of a personal message, tailored to your requirement.

Prepare a nice and compelling content

This is more or less stating your motives, but if you want someone to buy into your idea, then the content of your message must be convincing. It should be good regardless, if your content isn’t up to the standard of the influencer, they might not want to buy it and you’ll end up creating a poor image of yourself.

Be Impressive and Score beyond their expectation

All influencers aren’t the same, and you can’t use a generic approach for all of them. Think about what motivates each influencer, and if you can use that to your advantage to get them to work for you. If you’re asking for their time, make sure they think it’s worth it. Depending on the type of product you’re marketing, you might offer them to sample it for free. The best way to build and deepen your relationship is to have face-to-face contact, so you should do your best to meet them in person. Inviting them to an exclusive launch of a new product is a good method to do so.

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